72pc of Romanians say their life will reconfigure as of 2021, Unlock survey reads

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Romanians have been affected by the changes prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are trying to draw lessons and to adapt to the new reality, reads the fourth edition of the Unlock Market Research’s national survey on the Romanians’ lifestyle and trends for 2021.

The study also reveals that, more than ever, Romanians are more emotional as in the past years and look more carefully to what has worked in 2020, even if it was not something they would normally do.

Almost three quarters of the Romanians (72%) consider that their life will reconfigure as of next year. At the end of 2020, Romanians are getting ready to step in 2021 with their jobs well done and with the certitude that their life will not be the same as before pandemic, but a reconfigured one.

The Unlock study shows that, after a year of pandemic, almost 70% of respondents confirm the need for beauty, while 69% opine that more and more people are learning to enjoy the simple joys of life.

Yet, 54% of the Romanians said they are very concerned about the children’s education, even those who have no children, 49% are concerned about their financial situation, 47% of their physical health and 42% of their emotional health.

The emotional independence is important for 66% of the respondents, with 63% of them being at the point to test their vulnerability to regain the sense of humanity, while 63% of them are in search of the authenticity both in their interactions and also in the products and brands they use.

Moreover, 68% of the respondents confirmed the need to have a time to reflect, 65% need to be unplugged from the external influences and stimuli in order “to recharge their batteries”. 66% consider that now it is time for searching the inner self.

In terms of emotional state, the trends are up both in terms of negative emotions and also of positive ones, with the positive feelings such as empathy, peace, hope yet dominating.

As the lockdown was a moment of great revelations, of regaining humanity, of growing resilience and solidarity, the greatest wish for 2021 converged to a healthier and more organized life.

“The trends for 2021 revealed a more sensitive Romanian, who is more connected to all it’s happening around him, who pays more attention to introspection and analysis, but also a more empathic and responsible Romanian, who is more open to help, to do good and to change himself. This new situation make us be more willing to reconfigure our life, which is the main feature of the Romanian citizen in 2021. He will be more proactive and more adapted to crisis situations, which represents a natural surprising and encouraging evolution”, said Adina Vlad, Managing Director Unlock.

In his turn, anthropologist and consultant Alec Bălăşescu talked about an accelerated emotional maturity in Romania. “It is expressed by voicing the emotional independence, by discovering intimacy and hiding vulnerability. Romania’s greatest need is the one for growth, as we are in adolescence now, and the greatest wish is the one for re-insurance and validation, meaning for love”, Alec Bălăşescu said.

Regarding of the global perspective of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the anthropologist said that the pandemic, besides the negative impact, has also prompted some positive stuff, as it has encouraged innovation in medicine and research, in the city and labour architecture and in the communication technology. The pandemic has also opened debates on the technology ethics, on the social inequalities, on racism and discrimination, while boosting the global diplomacy in terms of vaccine, expertise and borders.

According to Adina Vlad, all aspects of our life will be reconfigured, from education, leisure, to business, real estate or property management.

The study was conducted based on 1,000 online questionnaires of Romanians aged from 18 to 55 from the urban environment in December 2020.

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