75pc of Romanians believe the country is going in the wrong direction, 46pc say 2018 will be worse, survey reveals

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75% of Romanians believe things are going in the wrong direction in Romania, according to an IRES survey released on Friday.

The survey shows that 17% of respondents are satisfied with the direction Romania is heading, 7% think things are not going either in a good or wrong direction and 2% do not know.

The share of women, as compared to men, who consider that things in the country are going in the wrong direction, is slightly higher (78% against 71%). Most people who think that things are going in the wrong direction (81%) are aged 36-50, ziare.com informs.

According to the survey, 40% say they are not very satisfied with the way they live, 36% – quite satisfied, 19% – not at all satisfied, 4% – very satisfied, and 1% do not know or did not answer. 45% of respondents believe that 2017 was worse than 2016, 30% – the same, 24% – better, and 1% did not know or did not answer.

Asked how they think they will live one year from now, 46% of Romanians answered that worse, 26% – better, 25% – the same and 3% did not know or did not answer. 46% of respondents believe 2018 will be worse than 2017 for Romania, 28% – better, 24% – the same, and 2% do not know or did not answer.

27% of Romanians were worried this year by the political crisis, 24% – by rising prices, 15% – by fear of illness, 13% – by lack of jobs, 6% – of lack or lower income, 5 % – job insecurity, 4% – lack of perspective, 2% – loneliness, 3% – other, 1% – nothing and 1% do not know or did not answer.

56% of Romanians say they are not at all satisfied with the Romanian policy of 2017, 34% – not very satisfied, 8% – quite satisfied, 1% – very satisfied, and 1% do not know or did not answer.

According to the survey, 30% of respondents believe that the amendments brought to the laws of justice was the major event of the year, 28% – the protests against Ordinance 13, 17% – the increase of wages for public servants, 12% – the change of Government.

Romanians have a lot of confidence in the European Union (38%), in the mayor (31%), the media (31%), the president of the country (28%), the National Bank (24%), non-governmental organizations (22%), Prime Minister (16%), Parliament (11%) and political parties (8%).

The poll reveals that 20% of respondents believe that the exit from communism or the 1989 Revolution is Romania’s greatest achievement in the past 100 years, 15% – believe it was the Great Union, 8% – the EU membership, 7% – the communist regime.

Most of the Romanians believe that in the next ten years the Government’s priority should be the jobs creation (19%), followed by an increase in living standards (14%), meeting the promises (14%), performance (9%), increase of the population’s incomes (5%), improving the education system (4%), fighting corruption (4%).

The IRES survey was conducted during December 6-8 on a sample of 1,627 people aged 18 or more and has a margin error of plus/minus 2.5%.

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