77 pc of Romanians will spend their Christmas holidays at home. 44 pc allocate one third of revenues for gifts, survey says

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Almost 77% of Romanians say they will spend the Christmas holidays at home, while 12% of them will go for a mini vacation in the country or abroad, and 44% stated that they will allocate one third of revenues for holiday gifts, according to a survey.

Christmas expenditures will require a budget similar to that of any other week of the year for 4 out of 10 respondents, while 14% say they will spend less than usual, as they share the expenditures for Christmas dinner with the family, according an online survey conducted by Provident Financial Romania.The rest are expected to spend more than the usual weekly basket.

43% of the interviewees say they saved money for the winter holidays, which is to be joined by the revenues in December, if necessary. Some 13% say they do not save money specifically for the winter holidays.

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