80 miners on underground protest at Slanic Prahova salt mine

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80 miners are on an underground protest for about 24 hours, at Slanic Prahova salt mine and other 100 employees are on strike. They claim they cannot work anymore for the minimum wage and with 40-year old equipments.

Trade union leader Alexandru Dragoi says the salt mine will remain blocked until the management will submit an offer to fit the employers’ demands, ziare.com reports.

Dragoi claims no investments were made at the mine in the past 40 years and the risks for those working underground are huge.

“Fortunately, no tragedy occurred, we try to prevent this. Nevertheless, we are working with 40-year old equipment,” he added.

Salrom, the mother company for Slanic Prahova salt mine, is a state owned company and is to pay to the state 90% of the profit. According to the source, the state decided to ignore the investments and wage increases, and to collect the money, even from the company’s reserve fund.

Salrom told ziare.com on February 16 it has paid to the state not only the 90% share, but also RON 1,163,000 from the reserve fund.

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