86% of Romanians say European treatment standards are unreachable in Romania

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Healthcare should be a priority on the public agenda, 99 pc of the Romanians believe and this is the goal of the social campaign “Votez pentru Sanatate/ I Vote for Health”, which aims to prompt a concrete change in the Romanian healthcare system.

A recent survey “Health as priority in Romania” conducted by the ISRA Center in October reveals that Romanian patients claim the need of a change for the better and the enforcement of some concrete actions in the healthcare system. Respondents also consider that a proper financing is needed, prevention programmes and a better access to care and medicines.

86% of Romanians consider that European treatment standards are unreachable in Romania, while investments and the lack of modern equipment are the main shortages of the current healthcare system in Romania.

96% of respondents say they have interacted with the Romanian healthcare in the past 3 years, but only 38% of them declared themselves content with it.

74% of the Romanians consider that most of the actions proposed in the healthcare in the past 3 years had not been enforced and around 65% of them don’t feel any change for the better.

The survey also points that there are few doctors in Romania and the country lacks a long-term vision on health, while new medicines are not available to the Romanian patients. 4 in 10 who had new drugs prescribed had difficulties in finding the treatment they needed.

97% of the respondents think the Government should allot more money to the healthcare.

Romanians would like improved medical care, investments in equipping hospitals, new prevention programmes launched and access to the cutting-edge medicines.

Votez pentru Sănătate is a public information campaign launched in October 2016, with 20 entities joining the initiative. You can vote at www.votezpentrusanatate.ro.

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