87% of the PSD-ALDE voters oppose amnesty and pardon, opinion poll says. 28 NGOs ask Iohannis a referendum on judiciary


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An overwhelming majority of Romanians (91%) are opposing amnesty and pardon for the corruption crimes, says an ISSPOL opinion poll commissioned by Geeks for Democracy NGO.

Moreover, a potential emergency ordinance or bill on pardon and amnesty is not popular even among the PSD-ALDE voters. Besides, 63% of Romanians think that sentences against corruption are too mild.

Therefore, according to the poll’s findings, 91% of Romanian oppose pardon of offenders convicted for corruption and amnesty of corruption deeds.

87% of the PSD-ALDE voters (who voted for the current ruling coalition in the general elections two years ago) also oppose amnesty and pardon.

63% of Romanians consider the sentences against corruption are too mild.

73% of Romanians consider that their life is highly and very highly affected by corruption, while 80% of the respondents say that anti-corruption fight is important for them.

91% want Romania to be still part of the European Union, and 80% consider things are going into the wrong direction in our country.

40 per cent say that an amnesty and pardon emergency ordinance would be „a very bad thing”, and only 3 pc consider it „a very good thing”.

57 per cent consider that the issue of inmates released from prison based on the compensatory appeal is „wrong”. 56 per cent of Romanians opined that the amendments on the criminal codes and justice laws are bad.

The survey has been conducted by ISSPOL on 1,064 people during December 4-11, through the CATI method.

Based on this opinion poll, 28 organisations have asked President Klaus Iohannis to immediately sign a decree to hold a referendum where Romanians could be able to express their will regarding the criminal laws.

The signatory NGOs are: #activAG Piteşti, Acţiunea Civică Galaţi, Asociaţia Aradul Civic, Asociaţia Reactiv Braşov, Braşovul Civic, Corupţia Ucide, Diaspora Franţa Solidară cu România, Euro Aleg 2.0, Geeks for Democracy, Iniţiativa România, Initiativa Timişoara, Protestatari ProDemocraţie Londra, Rădăuţiul Civic, Reset Iaşi, #Rezist Dublin, #Rezist Galaţi, #Rezist Lyon, #Rezist Ingolstadt. Şi eu sunt din România, #REZISTENŢA, #Rezist MILANO, #Rezistenţa din Diaspora, Rezistăm şi la Paris, #Rezist WMW, Ştafeta Steagului Uniunii Europene, Umbrela Anticorupţie Cluj, Vă Vedem din Bucureşti, Vă Vedem din Sibiu şi VedemJust.

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