9 police officers and agents under disciplinary investigation in the case of the shot policeman in Timisoara


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Nine police officers and agents, including two deputy chiefs of the Timis Police Inspectorate head will be under a disciplinary investigation in the case of Cristian Amariei, the policeman shot dead while pursuing a fugitive criminal in Recas, Timis county in early June.

The committee that was probing into the case discovered several irregularities in the coordination of the operation to catch the criminal. Marcel Ionel Lepa was caught a day later after he had shot to death the policeman and injured another agent. Lepa killed himself while he was in prison few weeks later.

 The police officers and their chief investigated now are accused of not taking the necessary measures to give policemen in the county bulletproof vests, although the Timis police inspectorate had received such vests.

Who is under scrutiny? The deputy chief in charge of public order of the Timis Police Inspectorate, the head of the Homicide Investigation Department, the chief or Recas Police, the head of the Logistics Department, the agent within the Homicide Investigation Department- Search section, who was working on the criminal case, the deputy chief of Timis County Police Inspectorate in charge with judicial police, the head of the Public Order Service and two agents within the Homicide Investigation Department- Search section.

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