90,000 children in Romania have both parents left to work abroad


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Around 90,000 children in Romania have both parents left to work abroad, Labour minister Marius Budai told a press conference on Wednesday.

The minister claimed that authorities are trying to develop projects, to create jobs in order to bring Romanians working abroad back home.

We are trying to create job markets, we tried in February but we could not as the market was not ready, at present we have over 300 jobs posted on Eures. Over 50 people signed contracts and they will return home. We’ll reach 700-1,000 people within a week or two and we’ll also go abroad, with the employers associations and trade unions presenting their offers“, the minister said.

The drama of the children whose parents had to leave Romania to work abroad has turned into a real social phenomenon in the past 2 decades. Yet, authorities have done nothing so far to prevent it and thus, the number of case have increased at a worrying rate year by year.

The effects of this tragedy, about which experts say they are on long term, are already visible in the society: these children raised by relatives or strangers find hard to integrate in society, they are more prone to breakdowns, find hard to concentrate and have poor performance at school, and, most of the times, they do need therapy.

Preliminary statistics show that at least 3.5 million Romanians are working abroad.

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