95% of the Romanian parents bore the hidden costs of education during pandemic, NGO report says


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During the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, when school has mainly gone online, 95% of the parents admitted they had born the hidden costs of the education, which they estimated at RON 4,200, RON 1,000 more than the ones estimated by parents in 2018, says an online survey conducted by Save the Children Romania.

Expenses of the Romanian parents with their children’s education climbed to RON 6,798 however, after summing up all specific expenses, such as private lessons, stationery, schoolbooks.
Thus, the total average cost (the parent’s estimation about how much has the education of his child cost in a certain time frame, without showing any cost categories) mounts to roughly RON 4.200.

The average cost allotted to services like after-school has doubled, while the online education has prompted new categories of costs, such as the purchase of a laptop/tablet, mobile phone or office equipment. All these devices mean an average cost of RON 5,800 per family, reads the survey.

Almost half of the respondents allotted over RON 5,000 for the education of their children amid the online classes.

The most important three costs on quality education are for IT devices and schoolbooks, medical and hygiene supplies and food.

If in the past, private lessons used to represent the most important category in terms of costs, as paid sums, now they climb down on the third position, with around RON 2,500 on average allotted, being outranked by other costs that strongly increased during pandemic.

The special class fund, meaning the additional funds paid by the parents for various expenses in the class, has not decreased. The class fund has been mandatory for 13% of the parents. Most of those who pay it say that they don’t receive any receipt. Surprisingly, this fund has remained at a level similar as incidence to the pre-pandemic period, in 2018.


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