96.5 pc of Romanians say they believe in God

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Romanians say they are religious persons, they believe in God, saints, afterlife, a survey conducted by Inscop for Adevarul newspaper reveals. Hence, 96.5% say they believe in God, 84.4% say they believe in saints, 59.6% believe in heaven, 57.5% believe hell exists and 54.4% believe in afterlife.
Furthermore, 83.9% of Romanians regard themselves as religious persons, 10.3% as non-religious, 1.1% say they are atheists.
The survey says 37.8% go to church for great religious holidays, 25.4% go once a week (mainly on Sundays), 18.9% one a month, 10.2% once a year or even rarely, 2.7% several times a week and 0.9% say the go daily to the church.
60.2% say they sanctify personal items, their home, their car.
Some 29.6% say fast regularly 34.9% confess regularly.
Let’s add that 44.8% have confidence in priests, 42.4% believe in miracles, 31.2% in evil eye, 25.5% believe in curses, 23.8% believe in horoscope, 15.6% believe in aliens and 15.3% in witchcraft.
The survey was conducted by Inscop Research for ‘Adevarul’ newspaper during July 9-14, 2015. The sample was of 1,075 people and is representative for the Romanian population 18 years old and over. MPE data is plus/minus 3% at a confidence level of 95%. The method used was the opinion poll based on a questionnaire applied by interviewers at the respondents’ domicile.

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