9th military ordinance: Ban on more flights extended, prohibition of grain exports removed


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A new military ordinance has been issued on Thursday night, the ninth, with more provisions in place for the state of emergency prompted by the novel coronavirus.

Therefore, the new ordinance extends the ban on flights to several countries, but removes the ban on the grain exports, stipulated in the 8th military ordinance.

The ordinance also regulates the situation of the workers who are commuting in Bulgaria, saying that they will not be compelled to stay in quarantine anymore if they have no symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.

However, the Interior Minister Marcel Vela warned that Romanians from abroad intending to come home for Easter will not stay in self-isolation, but in institutional quarantine, with over 13,000 beds being available.

We have available over 13,000 beds in quarantine – those who thought that the institutionalized quarantine is not applied anymore (…), I mention that the order of the [Health] minister refers to the definition of isolation, which has several stages. Those who perceived that they will come home for Easter and will stay in self-isolation have perceived it wrong,”, said Vela on the occasion of presenting Military Ordinance no. 9.

The flights to and from Belgium, Switzerland, USA, UK, The Netherlands, Turkey and Iran are banned for 14 more days, starting April 18.

The flights to and from Italy are also suspended for 14 days, starting April 19, while those to and from Germany and France are banned for 2 more weeks as form April 21.

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