A diversion? Former policeman argues the presumed injured woman gendarme was OK in the hospital, claims she spoke on the phone

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The 23 year-old woman gendarme hospitalized after the violence in Victoriei Square on August 10, reportedly seriously injured and under the risk to be paralysed, was all right when brought to the guard room at Floreasca Hospital, a former policemen claims.

Marian Fardea, police officer in reserve, says he was in the hospital the same night, in the same room with the woman gendarme, digi24.ro reports, quoting Epoch Times.

“I was brought to the Floreasca emergency hospital. There, on the medical triage (…) I was placed on the major emergencies line. In the resuscitating room there were three gendarmes, among them the woman gendarme Stefania. On my left another gendarme, on the right one of the protesters I was brought in with, and on the third bed was the woman gendarme. A gendarme sat by her bed, but the woman gendarme was all right.” Fardea said, according to the sources.

He mentioned he is a protester ever since February 2017, when the scandal regarding Emergency Ordinance 13 broke out.

“We, as police officers, have learned forensic medicine. We took part to very serious events. That woman gendarme was conscious, cooperative, she was talking on the phone. When I tried to take off the phone, I was told phone conversations are not allowed in the resuscitating room. But she was speaking on the phone. Probably she announced her family there is nothing serious. She had some injuries, but after three days she was allowed to leave the hospital and was lively when she did so. She had some injuries, but in no way she wasn’t in a coma, with cervical fracture,” the former policeman said.

Fardea said: “I’ve said it publicly. It is one of the greatest, hideous diversions the gendarmes made during that night. She was sent forward and then deserted when accompanied only by one gendarme. Most likely, this was done on purpose. I don’t believe she knew about it previously. As proof stands the video footage when she is recuperated and tells her colleagues: ‘brothers, where did you take me?’ She wasn’t aware of the scenario, as she was accompanied only by an experienced gendarme and surrounded by so-called civilians. I don’t deny that some brainless people, not from among the usual peaceful protesters, infiltrated people, provocateurs, have attacked. I believe a gendarme should not be touched, hit, I respect the uniform because I’ve been a military…” Marian Fardea said.

About the fake diagnosis of cervical fracture, he says that the prosecutors should decide if the doctors, the hospital communicators, have made up a fake diagnosis, or it was invented by the Gendarmerie spokesman.

Fardea believes the fake diagnosis had two purposes: “To compromise the protest in the eyes of the public by saying a woman gendarme is in coma, paralysed, almost dead; on the other hand, by walkie-talkie the message was sent to the law enforcement forces, making them wicked.”

photo: digi24.ro – woman gendarme with Interior Minister Carmen Dan


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