A farm in Mureș county makes black cheese

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A farm in Cund, Mures county, Transylvania, is producing an atypical cheese, the black one, after the owner’s own recipe. The selling price gets near the one of the famous cheese assortments made in France or Italy.

The producer Istvan Varga makes nine types of cheese, among which there are the cheese soaked in red wine, cumin cheese, peppercorn cheese, or basil cheese and cheese with brandy soaked nuts.

A former kindergarten teacher, Istvan Varga took over his father’s cattle factory two years ago and, instead of selling milk for low prices, he decided to make his own cheese that he is now selling for the price of RON 70/per kilo.

The latest type of cheese he invented is the black cheese, made with coal dust, alcohol and chilly peppers. The cheese is bought in Germany with RON 40/kg.

Before being sold, the cheese is ripen for at least two months at a temperature of 12C and 90% humidity.

The tiny farm is making 700 kilos of black cheese per month.

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