A first in Romania: the self-disinfecting hospital

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Amid heated debate on bacteria and diluted disinfectants used in Romania, a hospital in Transylvania is testing new revolutionary self-disinfecting devices coming from France.

Components for doors and walls, which are cleansing themselves, are tested at the County Hospital in Bistrita Nasaud, which is a national first. The hospitals’ managers brought the devices from France and intend to buy them using European funds, Digi 24 informs.

The revolutionary technology is already used in several hospitals abroad. The devices are practically plastic elements, plaques for doors and walls, hooks or guard fences that kill bacteria due to the substances that are imbibed with.

They are materials with permanent bactericide properties, meaning they are made of an active substance that is permanently eliminating and neutralizing bacteria,” said Gabriel Lazany, the hospital’s administrative manager.

It’s a step forward in the isolation ward. The door handles used by the patients and more other furniture pieces are designed to have an antimicrobial and antiseptic cover,” also said Mircea Gelu Butu, the hospital’s manager.

Besides the plastic materials, there is also another disinfectant device with similar properties on the market: a special resin to clean the floors. The doctors in Bistrita intend to buy that resin as well.

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