A new incident in Unirii Passage: A truck got stuck in the middle of the tunnel


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A new incident occurred on Thursday in Unirii Passage, rehabilitated in the summer by the District 4 City Hall. A truck managed to enter the passage, but remained stuck on the direction from Marasesti Blvd towards University Square, the Road Brigade reported. Road traffic is blocked in the first lane.

The driver of the van that got stuck in Pasaj Unirii was fined 870 lei. His registration certificate was also withheld and the plates with the registration number withdrawn, because the car had non-approved modifications.

According to the policemen who arrived at the scene, although the height of 3.39 m is listed in the vehicle’s license plate, in reality, the measurements showed a height of 3.72 m, resulting from the modification of the body.

On December 23, one person died and 21 others were injured after a coach carrying nearly 50 Greek tourists ran into the height limiter at Unirii Passage in the capital.

Since the reopening of Unirii passage at the beginning of September, five large vehicles have been stuck, either in the gauge gate or in the road tunnel. In the first two days after the inauguration, two coaches got stuck in the indicator placed before the entrance to the Unirii passage, which shows and checks the maximum permitted height.

On September 8, Unirii Passage, newly rehabilitated by the Sector 4 City Hall, was blocked by a TIR that hit the height limiter. Then, on September 21, a truck got stuck in Pasajul Unirii in Bucharest, after the driver ignored the height limiter and forced the passage through the tunnel, so the ceiling was damaged.

In November, the District 4 City Hall put new markings at the entrance to Unirii Passage, recently rehabilitated, to draw the attention of drivers not to exceed the maximum height allowed, 3.5 meters. The measure was taken after, since the opening, several coaches were stuck because they did not respect the height limit.

The new limiters are equipped with indicators on which the maximum permitted height is passed, and the transverse bar of the new gates is equipped with a series of warning elements, in the form of a “metal curtain.”

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