A quarter of Romanians believe in quacks and shamans, survey says


Increasingly stressed, the Romanians are looking for escape into whatever seems out of routine. They are more open to adventure, but at the same time they are also attracted to spiritual life. At least that’s what a survey reads, analyzing the new trends in people’s thinking and behavior. Two out of three Romanians are willing to have a sabbatical year to travel, and one in two is interested in high-risk activities, digi24.ro informs.

Romanians are more open to new experiences, such as extreme sports. People seem to change their way of life and, implicitly, the social behavior. There are psychological explanations for this trend, psychologists say.

Two out of three Romanians say they are willing to take a long vacation to travel or live a period in a different culture or on a different continent. People are also more open when it comes to spiritual services. 25% of them say they go or would go to quacks, shamans or astrologers.

The survey also shows that 33% of Romanians use or would use a dating application because they do not have time to socialize in real life because of the busy schedule. Of these, most people are large-income men aged 25-34, living alone, most of them in Bucharest.

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