A Romanian from Italy, another one from Spain, under suspicion for coronavirus

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A Romanian citizen is admitted to the “Lazzaro Spallanzani” Infectious Diseases Hospital in Rome, with flu symptoms, compatible to the ones of the Coronavirus. Results of the tests are pending.

The Romanian man, aged 42 is working in Italy at a hotel where two Chinese tourists confirmed with Coronavirus had been accommodated, according to Corriere della Sera. 

The Romanian, named Marian C., has been place under quarantine at the above-mentioned hospital. He had been initially hospitalized at the Emergecy Hospital in Tivoli, 30km away from Rome, but he was taken to Rome on Thursday evening.

The manager of the Spallanzani Hospital, Giuseppe Ippolito, told a press conference on Thursday that the two Chinese tourists confirmed with coronavirus had been isolated and that other infected persons will be identified soon, and there no risks for the population.

However, sources from the Italian Government revealed the Giuseppe Conti Cabinet had decided on Friday to declare state of emergency in the country due to the two confirmed cases of coronavirus. PM Conta announced on Thursday that flights are suspended from and to China.

The Chinese health commission says the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 9,692 with at least 213 deaths.

Moreover, the Spanish media also reported that a Romanian-born living in Spain had been also infected with Coronavirus after having recently returned from China. The information has not been though confirmed by the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

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