A Spanish researcher of Romanian origin counts butterflies in Catalonia every year


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A Spanish researcher of Romanian origin named Constantí Stefanescu has been counting butterflies on the meadows of Catalonia with his team for almost 30 years. Stefanescu is named after his Romanian father, who left Romania more than half a century ago.

Constantí Stefanescu’s father left Romania in the 1950s, lived in South America for a time, and then moved to Spain, where he met his future wife, who was a pianist. His parents’ relationship fell apart after Constantí ‘s birth, and he actually did not know his father, the researcher told HotNews. His mother’s family told him about his connections with Romania and he knows that his father was from Vatra Dornei, a place that Constanti also visited before the 90’s. ”I think it was around 1983 when I went to Vatra and I remember that I searched in a phone book and I found 3-4 pages with the name Ștefănescu and I realized that I have a very common name. I have been to Romania twice, I think the last time was about 15 years ago (…) I have Romanian colleagues and I think I will come to Romania in the future ”.

Constantí Stefanescu is the scientific coordinator at the Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Granollers in the Catalonia region of Spain. Stefanescu’s project is called the Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (CBMS) and is one of the most important in Europe of its kind, because it has been running since 199, with he and his team counting butterflies on a yearly basis to see the long-term variations. In each place of measurement about 25 measurements are made per year, practically a weekly measurement between March and September.

The project is one of the most important of its kind in the world because there are few places in the world where the butterfly population has been monitored so accurately.

Stefanescu’s team is working in Granollers, a town with 60,000 inhabitants located 30km away from Barcelona.

Before starting the butterfly project in Catalonia, Stefanescu worked in oceanography.

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