A third worker from Sri Lanka arrived in Romania to work at the bakery in Ditrau

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A third worker from Sri Lanka arrived in Romania to be hired at the bread factory in Ditrau, Harghita.
The case of the Sri Lankan working at the bakery in the small locality of Ditrau in the heart of Romania has stirred controversies and became viral in the national and foreign media after the local community, consisting mainly in Magyar ethnics, has protested against the bakery’s hiring foreigners.
The locals argued they feared “a refugee wave” coming to Romania, imposing their culture and jeopardizing their safety. The Romanian public opinion reacted, denouncing the discriminating attitude of the Ditrau inhabitants and rallying to the defence of the Sri Lankan workers.
The Ombudsman in Romania reviewed the case and concluded that the tensions in Ditrau started from an older conflict between the bakery and the former employees and that the arrival of the two Sri Lankan has only intensified this conflict.
The owner of the bakery in Ditrau, Kollo Katalin, has told journalists on Tuesday that the three Sri Lankan bakers will live together in Gheorghieni.
According to the bakery owner, the third Sri Lankan worker is a young man aged 24, he is very nice and he is very delighted to work in Romania.
Kollo Katalin added that the young Sri Lankan has a lover in Sri Lanka and that he wants to work in Romania to raise money to buy a house in his mother country.

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