A woman threw herself in front of the train with her three children. Farewell note found

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A woman and her three children have died being hit by a train running on the Bucharest-Constanţa route by 160 km/h. The children, three girls, were aged 10, eight and three. According to the first information, it is a suicidal act, the investigators finding a farewell note: “I’m sorry, I cannot stand it anymore,” the 30-year-old mother wrote.

Even though the woman’s brother, who came to the site of the tragedy, claimed that her sister had no problems in marriage, she wanted to divorce her husband in 2008, but withdrew her action in the following year.

The woman had sued her husband, George Braunstein, at the District 5 Court in December 2008, but three months later, in February 2009, the trial ceased as the young woman withdrew the action from court.

The prosecutors with the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Ilfov Court have opened a criminal file to determine the causes and circumstances in which the woman and her three children have died Thursday. A criminal prosecutor arrived at the site for detailed research.

“The train mechanic will be heard in the criminal file, which was opened by the police, under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Ilfov Court,” IGPR spokesman Georgian Dragan explained.

The incident took place on the railway 800 Bucharest-Constanta, at the railway stop in Branesti at 9.30h.

The woman and the children lived in the Ilfov County town of Branesti. The train ran by 160 km per hour and, according to the train mechanic’s statement, he said it was a suicidal act.

According to sources, the woman was pregnant, but this information will be verified by the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The mechanic will get psychological counselling.

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