Academic community in Iasi stage protest against GEO 7 at the university where JusMin Toader is self-suspended rector


Over 150 people, members of the academic community in Iasi, have protested against GEO 7 amending the justice laws on Thursday, on the stairs of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, where Justice minister Toader is self-suspended rector. Former colleagues of the minister were also among protesters, waving banners with the message: “Tudorel Toader, you are no model for us”.

Other slogans were: “Independent Justice“, “A dependent justice is source of corruption“.

“Let’s hope this messages will reach Tudorel Toader. We are not protesting against him, as a person, but against the system“, said one of the protesters.

Tens of academic personalities from Iasi, historians, doctors, mathematicians, writers, philologists, chemists and engineers have signed an appeal on Monday, inviting citizens to get involved in defending the rule of law, democracy and European values.

In the appeal signed by literary historian and publisher Alexandru Călinescu, historian Flavius Solomon, mathematician Eugen Vărvărucă, chemist Gelu Bourceanu, historian and journalist Florea Ioncioaia, doctor Răzvan Socolov, chemist Cezar Catrinescu,  historian Dorin Dobrincu, philologist Codrin Liviu Cuţitaru, the members of the local academic community state that there has been “an continuous assault on the rule of law” in Romania for the past two years

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