Access conditions revised at Otopeni Airport

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Passengers who are leaving from Henri Coanda/Otopeni Airport in Bucharest will have direct access to the Departures terminal building as of tomorrow, September 9. Thus, the mandatory rule of passing through the tents in front of the terminal is removed.

However, all the other requirements remain in force, namely measurement of the body temperature at the entrance of the terminal, hand disinfection, keeping a 1.5m distancing to all the other passengers and wearing facemasks to cover both mouth and nose.

The new measures come as the traffic is still low on the airport due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The airport staff will monitor if these rules are observed and, if not, they will ask for the immediate intervention of the police and gendarmes.

The access of the vehicles (public transportation means, coaches, personal cars, taxi) will be also available as of September 9 in front of the Departures terminal building.

At the same time, cafes and restaurants will be re-opened inside the airport, besides the ones that have already resumed their activity a week ago.

The tents in front of the terminal will be removed and the parking where thy are currently located will be re-opened for public as of September 11.

Other rules presently in force will remain valid, such as the recommendation for the passengers to come to the airport in due time, likewise the advice to respect the direction signs.

Traffic is still affected in the airport area by the works that connect the airport to the North Railway Station.

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