Access for people with disabilities: Romania is the least accessible in Europe


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International travel in 2022 is big business. With the vast majority of the world having been locked away for the last two years, many are jetting off on bucket-list vacations, whilst others are choosing cheap last minute deals. However, for people with disabilities, travel can be a more tricky prospect: those using wheelchairs or other mobility aids have to plan more stringently. 

With the needs of people with disabilities in mind, UpCounsel undertook a vast research project. Data on disabled accessibility on public transport, as well as public toilets, bars, cafes, and restaurants was amalgamated and ranked, giving each EU nation a score out of 10.

The study shows that Romania is the Eastern nation scored lowest of all its European counterparts, earning just 2.7/10. The country scored particularly badly in the accessible public toilets section, a worry for disabled travellers wanting to sightsee.

The highest ranking nation is the United Kingdom, scoring a highly commendable 7.3/10. The UK scored particularly highly in accessible public toilets, a hugely important part of sightseeing!

Coming in a close second is Spain, with a disability-friendly score of 7.1/10. The Iberian nation didn’t  rank first for any specific criteria, but scored consistently well throughout .

In third position is Italy, with a score of 6.8/10. The nation placed first in terms of accessible cafes, bars and restaurants, but performed poorly for its accessible public toilets and disability-friendly public transport .

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