Adina Florea, the proposal for DNA top office, says files were ordered to the directorate

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Adina Florea, the prosecutor proposed by the Justice Minister for the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) top office, said in an interview granted to ‘Adevarul’ newspaper that she believes that files were ordered to the DNA and certain investigations were prioritized. She criticized the lack of communication from DNA with the rest of the prosecutor’s offices and said that “wiretapping has become queen of evidence,” although “it is loaded with a dose of subjectivism,” so they are not their supporter.

“Yes. I have also wrote in the management project that some investigations were prioritized, which led to the creation of scenario about vendetta. At least this was seen in the public space,” said Adina Florea.

The prosecutor added that “there was no communication from the DNA” with the rest of prosecutor’s offices and situations were registered when no reply was received, so that the same person was investigated by the offices for the same corruption offenses.

“We and they were investigating the same issue, both of us reached an advanced stage of investigation and we did not know which one to assume the competence,” Florea said.

She also commented the large number of files at DNA.

“I am not aware about the number of files, the offenses under investigation and the complexity of the files. I’ve seen in the public space that more than one quarter of the files targeted abuse of office, from my point of view this deviates from DNA’s main activity – i.e. high corruption,” Florea said.

She added that she is not a supporter of wiretapping, regardless of the offenses, they are subjective and lately they’ve become “the queen of evidence.”

“I don’t believe wiretapping is needed in the files investigating macro-financial offenses. From my point of view, such offenses may be proved by documents. It’s impossible that the criminal under investigation leaves no document as trace. A document is much more valuable as evidence than a phone conversation. Then, wiretapping may have its role, for flagrante delicto,” the prosecutor said.

Prosecutor Adina Florea is the proposal advanced by the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader for the position of chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Justice Ministry has announced on Thursday after the interviews with all six candidates. Adina Florea comes from the Prosecutor’s Office upon Constanta Court of Appeal and she is the one who asked for the re-opening of the file where former Constanta mayor Radu Mazare had been investigated for wearing uniform with Nazi markings.

On Friday, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar announced that the General Prosecutor’s Office is conducting checks at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal following suspicion that the protocol between SRI and Prosecutor’s Office recently released by PM’s adviser Darius Valcov would have been leaked from the safety deposit box of the Constanta Prosecutor’s Office. “I can only confirm there is an ongoing investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal,” said Lazar.

The Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeal is where Adina Florea, the prosecutor proposed to run DNA, works. Florea was also first prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court and deputy general prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeals.


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