Adina Florea, the prosecutor proposed for the DNA helm, slams Romania’s Prosecutor General


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Prosecutor Adina Florea, proposed by the Justice minister to take over the position of anti-corruption chief prosecutor, has harshly slammed Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, saying he is making a certain pressure for filling this position and that he “is exerting his position more than excessively, in bad faith”. Moreover, Florea stated that Lazar should abstain from initiating any action in this respect, accusing him “he has an obvious personal interest”.

There have been professional opinions, to use a term well-established across at least a part of the printed press, who warned me to be aware as there is a certain pressure from the prosecutor general. They told me that DNA is not DIICOT, that there will be bigger or smaller surprises, but I have never thought that surprises will be that big,” Adina Florea stated, referring to the complaint filed by the prosecutor general against her to the Judicial Inspectorate.

Florea pointed out that the file that would target her, related to the leak of the secret protocol between the Prosecutor’s Office and SRI, should be handled by any other structure, but not by the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court.

Asked how she sees Lazar’s action against her, Florea retorted that Augustin Lazar should abstain from initiating any action, while accusing him of being biased.

He has an obvious personal interest. He is the signatory of that protocol, therefore, he should abstain from initiating any action,” Florea argued.

Moreover, Florea opined that Romania’s Prosecutor General seems “to exert his position more than excessively, in bad faith” and that he “has notified the Judicial Inspectorate “with an unprecedented haste”.

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