African swine fever, confirmed in Teleorman, the 14th county affected

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The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) has announced that African swine fever has been confirmed in Teleorman County, in the tests on a pig carcass found outside the urban areas.

“The National Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health in Bucharest has confirmed the virus in the tests made on a pig carcass found outside the urban areas (Slobozia Mandra forest) and the epidemiological inquiry is ongoing,” the ANSVSA informs.

The Teleorman local centre for combating diseases is to discuss the measures to be adopted to combat and eradicate the African swine fever.

ANSVSA representatives underline that the African swine fever does not affect the humans, but the virus has a high social impact from the economic point of view.



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