Agent Green activists block trucks loaded with wood in Fagaras Mountains. Protesters demand the saving of virgin forests

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Thirty Agent Green activists, scientists and professional climbers have blocked on Friday morning, on Transfăgărăşan road, the trucks loaded with timber in the Fagaras Mountains. Through this spontaneous peaceful action, the protesters blow the whistle about the destruction of the last virgin forests in the Vidraru area, which threaten including the water storage facility, a strategic point for the national power grid, informs.

Thus, the activists demand an investigation at Vidraru and a national moratorium on the exploitation of virgin forests.

The protesters have blocked the logs with special tents and have displayed banners with the message “Save the Last Paradise Forests” in Romanian and English.

The minister of Waters and Forests, Adriana Petcu told a press conference in Pitesti on Friday that she had been informed about the protest. “I understood that Lake Vidraru would be jeopardized if forests are illegally cut. I will ask for the Forest Guard’s stance to see exactly how things are standing,” the minister said.

In their turn, the police officers from Arges are conducting checks to see if the wood transport is legal.

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