Air traffic controllers on general strike on May 30

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The air traffic controllers will be on general strike on Tuesday, May 30, as of 9.00h. The air traffic service trade union (ATSR) has already notified the Romatsa management about starting the strike, reports.

The trade unionists say they have not reached an agreement with the Romatsa management on the collective bargaining agreement and therefore, by the agreement of more than half of the employees, the general strike has been decided.

According to the law, the air traffic controllers will ensure one third of the operations, the trade unionists say, adding they are willing to further discuss with Romatsa management on the work conflict.

The Romatsa employees are dissatisfied for not having a collective bargaining agreement since September 2016, accusing the management for delaying the signing of a new agreement.

Also, the trade unionists say Romatsa faces lack of personnel, which endangers the safety of air traffic.

The air traffic controllers have staged a warning strike on May 12 for two hours and have ensures one third of the operations.


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