Alarming statistics: Drug consumption among youngsters up in more counties


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More and more counties in Romania are facing the drug consumption among youngsters. For instance, one in ten high school students in Constanta (southeastern Romania) has tried at least one drug, with the most consumed one being cannabis. Being also a highly tourist destination during the summer, Constanta is exposed to drug consumption, which is mostly spread in the seaside resorts such as Mamaia, Costinesti and Vama Veche.

According to the Regional Centre for Anti-Drug Prevention in Constanta, quoting recent studies, over 8 percent of the high school pupils in the county admitted they had taken drugs at least once in their lifetime, with 5 pc saying they consumed drugs in the past year.

Drug consumption among pupils generally starts at the age of 13-14, depending on the school year, while teenagers who smoke face a higher risk to also take drugs. The pupils in Constanta usually prefer cannabis or Ecstasy. Boys are consuming drugs more than girls, rarely inside schools, and more frequently in the pubs near schools or on their way home.

The consumption peaks are the summer months, when more dealers also come to the seaside to lure tourists.

The local anti-drug bodies say that on the average, 10 to 15 youngsters are ending up in hospital every month following the drug abuse, with the most harmful drugs being the psychoactive substances as they contain a high concentration of toxic chemical compounds.

40-50 youngsters are coming to the Regional Center for Drug Prevention on a monthly basis in the attempt of getting rid of the drug addiction. In September, there were 42 such youngsters, six girls and three minors. 13 of them came willingly, 15 have been sent by the Prosecutor’s Office, seven were brought by the probation department and four by their families.

A smaller provincial town, Campia Turzii in Cluj county, Transylvania, has become a „training ground” for drug dealers. The new drug K2/Zombie has played havoc among tens of youngsters who ended up in hospital.

The anti-organized crime brigade in the county have monitored the town for one year and managed to arrest two of the drug dealers who supplied the drugs to the kids and dismantle the drug ring.

Timis county is also eyed lately for the growing drug consumption trend among youngsters.

131 people, including children, have ended up in hospital in the past nine months of this year due to substance abuse. Doctors say there were even cases of 11-year-old kids taking drugs, with cannabis being the most used one.

Timiş county is topping the drug consumption ranking in Romania, with 11.1% high schools pupils recorded as having taken illicit drug at least once in their lifetime. Among them, 6.8% have consumed at least once in the past 12 months, and 3 pc at least once in the last month.

The high figures reported in Timis also come amid the general rise in the drug consumption in Romania and in Europe and given the fact that Timis is located in western Romania, a highly transited area. Moreover, Timisoara is also an university centre, with many students prone to consume drugs.

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