Alba Court: Romanian State becomes the owner of four pairs of used sport shoes

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The Romanian State has become the owner of four pairs of used sports shoes, following a decision made by the Alba Iulia Court.

The shoes were taken over following searches at the domiciles in a file regarding theft, concerning two men, reports.

The shoes had traces from the site where the offense took place and were presented as evidence by Alba Police.

In 2015, after the ruling issued by the Alba Iulia Court, with the two men receiving suspended sentences, the magistrates decided that the seized shoes should be returned to one of the men.

However, the man was no longer interested in the shoes seized in 2013. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, if in six months from the decision to return the goods, the concerned person does not take over the goods, they become the property of the State.

Following the decision of the Alba Iulia Court, the Romanian State has become the owner of a pair of Nike sports shows, two pairs of Adidas sports shoes and one pair without brand. The ruling is final.


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