Alert for bad weather in most part of the country: storms and rainfalls in store

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Romanian meteorologists have announced that a code orange alert for bad weather is coming into force as of today, May 20, with storms, hail, thunderstorms and heavy rains to affect most part of the country.

As of today, at 13:00hrs a code orange alert for strong storms is coming into force in Muntenia, Oltenia, southern Banat and in the Southern Carpathians area. There will torrential rains, with falls exceeding even 70 liters/sqm.

A code yellow alert for storms is valid in the rest of the country until Thursday at 06:00hrs. There will be showers, thunders, lightning and hail, while wind gusts will reach 60-70kmph. Falls will exceed 50l/sqm and temperatures will not go beyond 26C in the southern regions.

The weather will get chilly in most areas in the coming days, with rainfalls, strong wind and thunderstorms in the southern half of the country and at the mountains.

It will rain in the south, east and in the mountain areas on Friday and it will snow on the mountain peaks, with hail and wind gusts of over 80kmph. The wind will blow with 55kmph in southwest, centre and northeast.

There will be moderate rains in Dobruja on Saturday.

In Bucharest there will be a yellow code alert for unstable weather, with rains, thunderstorms, wind and hail. There will be maximum 25C today.

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