Alert for heatwave in 22 counties and Bucharest: 38C and tropical nights

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Romanian weathermen have issued a code yellow alert for heatwave for half of the country and Bucharest included. The alert is valid on July 29 and July 30. Also, starting today, as of 12;00hrs another weather alert for thermal discomfort has been issued.

The National Meteorology Administration says that on July 28, during 12:00hrs to 20:00hrs, the temperatures will rise, so there will be heat in most part of the country and scorching heat in the extra-Carpathian territories.

There will be maximum temperatures of 33C- 35C, the thermal discomfort will be high and the critical threshold of 80 units of the temperature-moisture index will be reached in the plain and plateau regions in southern and eastern country.

The code yellow for heat will be in force also on July 29 and July 30.

The heatwave will also linger these two days in most part of Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobruja and locally in Moldavia.

The maximum temperatures will frequently exceed 35C, and will reach even 37C…38C in some areas.

The temperature will not go below 20C during the night, so there will be tropical nights ahead.

 A special weather forecast has been also issued for Bucharest, during July 28, 11;00hrs to July 30, 22:00hrs.

The maximum temperatures will range from 33 C to 34C on July 28, to 36C on July 29 and to 37…38C on July 30. There will be tropical nights as well, with the minimum temperatures of 20C.

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