Alert for rainfalls and wind in 13 counties, Orange Code alert for blizzard and heavy snowfalls in the mountains

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The Romanian Meteorology Administration has issued a code orange alert for heavy snowfalls and blizzard in the Southern Carpathians starting today, and also a code yellow alert for strong wind and rainfalls in other 13 counties. A special weather forecast has been also released for Bucharest.

The code yellow alert includes heavy rains, strong wind during Monday, January 4 , 14:00hrs and Tuesday, January 5, 08:00hrs.

It will be raining countrywide, with falls exceeding 25l/per square meter and even 40…60l/sqm in northern Oltenia, northern Muntenia and southern Banat.

In the mountains it will be snowing at altitudes of over 1,700 metres in thew Southern and Curvature Carpathians. The wind will blow with 60…80kmph, with blizzard and low visibility in store.

The wind will also blow with gusts of 60…80kmph in the Eastern Carpathians, but also in southern, eastern and central Romania, with 45…55kmph.

Weather in Bucharest

On the other hand, the weather will be extremely warm in the Capital for this time of the year. During January 4, 14:00hrs-January 5, 08:00hrs, the sky will be cloudy and it will lightly raining on Monday evening and during the night of Monday to Tuesday.

The wind will blow with 40…50kmph. The maximum temperature will be around 13…14C and the minimum one of 7…8C.

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