Alert for snowfalls, sleet and glazed frost countrywide

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The National Meteorology Administration has issued a weather forecast for snowfalls, sleet and glazed frost, to come into force countrywide as of Friday night, around 20:00hrs till Saturday at 18:00hrs, including in Bucharest, where temperatures are expected to fall below minus 4C.

It will be snowing in northern, northeastern Romania and also in southwestern regions on Saturday morning. There will also be sleet and rain, which will favour glazed frost.

Snowfalls will be generally moderate (10-15l/sqm). It will snow temporarily in the mountains.

Weathermen also announced snowfalls, sleet and glazed frost in Bucharest, but also temperatures of minus 4C up to maximum 3C.

The wind will have a low intensity. The minimum temperature will range from minus 4C to 2C, while the maximum will be around 3C.

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