Alerts for heavy snowfalls in the mountains


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Meteorologists have issued several alerts for strong wind, sleet and snowfalls in some areas in Romania.

A warning for wind, rain, sleet and snow comes into force at 10 am and will be valid until Wednesday at 8 pm. During the mentioned interval, temporarily, the wind will intensify in all regions, with gust speeds generally between 50 and 60 km / h and there will be precipitation on restricted areas of quantitative moderation. In the southeast and extreme south of the country, on Tuesday there will be precipitation in the form of rain, sleet and snow in small areas.

It will snow in the mountains, and in the intra-Carpathian regions during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (November 30 / December 1) locally the snows will predominate and in some places a layer of snow will be deposited. In the same time, for Dobrogea, southwest of Oltenia, where the gusts will reach 55 – 75 km / h, in the Southern and Curvature Carpathians at altitudes above 1500 m where the wind speed will exceed 75 … 85 km / h and it will snow blizzard. On Tuesday, between 12 and 6 pm, there will be an orange wind code on the coast, in Constanța County, where the wind will blow 80 … 90 km / h. From Tuesday evening, from 20.00, until Wednesday, at 16.00, a yellow code of wind and snow will be in force.

During the mentioned interval, in the mountainous and submontane area it will snow, a layer of snow will be deposited, and the wind will have intensifications with speeds generally between 55 and 65 km / h. At altitudes above 1700 m, the gusts will exceed 85 … 95 km / h, blowing snow. Until the morning of December 1, such phenomena will be reported in the northwestern regions.

At the same time, from Tuesday 23.00 to Wednesday at 11, there will be orange code of abundant snow and blizzard at altitudes of over 1500 m in the northern Eastern Carpathians, locally in the Western Carpathians and in the western Southern Carpathians. There will be heavy snow, a consistent layer of snow will be deposited, and at altitudes of over 1500 m, the gusts will exceed 75 … 85 km / h and there will be a blizzard.

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