Alexander Adamescu released from prison on bail by the High Court of Justice in London

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Bogdan Alexander Adamescu (photo 1), the son of businessman Dan Adamescu (photo 2), was imprisoned on March 26, 2018, following the sentences issued by Judge John Zane, with the Westiminster Magistrates Court, who decided that he is to be extradited to Romania, with sound suspicions of obstruction of justice and use of forged documents.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Judge Philippa Whipple with the High Court of Justice has decided to replace the preventive arrest and imprisonment at Wandworth prison by bail conditions with payment of a bail worth GBP 435,000, informs.

Bogdan Alexander Adamescu is currently the sole director of the Dutch company Nova Group Investments BV and heir of Dan Adamescu’s wealth worth about EUR 800 million. A European Arrest Warrant was issued on his name on June 6, 2016 based on the charges that in 2013 allegedly bribed two judges with the Bucharest Court.

Alexander Adamescu challenged by appeal the decision of the Westminster Magistrates Court, in the attempt to avoid extradition to Romania. His lawyers tried to prove that the first court erroneously ignored the recommendation of ICSID Court in Washington, requesting the suspension of the extradition procedure until a final decision is made in the lawsuit between Nova Group and Romania. This arbitration lawsuit, commenced in July 2016, is about ASTRA Insurance company, bankrupt in 2015.

Judge Philippa Whipple has concluded that the first court was not wrong when turning down the suspension of extradition request. Her decision is based on the fact that the court’s recommendation – included in the procedural order no. 7 dated March 29, 2017 – could not stop the extradition process conducted according to the (EU) legislation, mainly because Alexander Adamescu is not part of the arbitration lawsuit, but witness called by Nova Group, the same source informs.

Judge Whipple has decided to postpone a decision of the court referring to the possibility of extradition, based on the European legislation in the field of human rights, until sentences are issued in other two files where objections were submitted regarding the inadequate character of the detention conditions in Romania and on the credibility of the assurances from Romanian authorities in those cases.

Alexander Adamescu was heard by the first court in April 2018, the court’s decision being he could be extradited, although he expressed his will not to be jailed in Romania, given that his father died in one of the penitentiaries. The court also decided that Adamescu must pay court fees amounting to GBP 31,000 in an interval of seven days.

In late March last year, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) informed that Alexander Adamescu had been arrested on March 2, 2018, because he presented the magistrates a false document, claiming it had been issued by the National Penitentiary Administration (ANP).

“On March 23, the British court analysed the request of defendant Adamescu Bogdan Alexander to replace the decision of preventive arrest with release on bail, but the court, unconvinced by the explanations regarding the document, rejected the request,” DNA said.

Alexander Adamescu, the son of Romanian controversial businessman Dan Adamescu, was released on bail by the magistrates in London in June 2016 after he had been apprehended by police officers. He had to wear a monitoring device on his leg. Investigators also seized his passport as well as the passports of his family members, while he had to go to a police precinct in London three times a week. He was also accused of giving and taking bribes.

DNA prosecutors charged the son of businessman Adamescu, in 2016, of evading the investigation in which he is charged with bribe taking. DNA prosecutors claim that in spite of having tried with the support of the UK and with the support of the police in Monaco to get businessman Alexander Adamescu for hearings in the file started in his name since 2014, they have failed because he has evaded investigation.

In May 2014, Alexander’s father, Dan Adamescu, was targeted by a DNA investigation regarding bribe giving to some Bucharest Court magistrates and on May 27, 2016, he was sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in jail, executory sentence, for bribe giving,

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