Alexander Adamescu, released on bail in London


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Alexander Adamescu, the son of Romanian controversial businessman Dan Adamescu, was released on bail by the magistrates in London on Wednesday after he had been apprehended by the police officers on Monday evening. He has to wear a monitoring device on his leg.

Judicial sources told local media that Alexander Adamescu had been taken into custody based on an European arrest warrant released by the Bucharest Tribunal.

He was released on bail by the judge of Westminster Magistrates Court. “He has to permanently wear a tacking device placed on his foot and to pay a considerable financial bail,” the sources said.

Investigators also seized his passport as well as the passports of his family members, while he has to go to a police precinct in London three times a week.

Thy court set a new hearing in this case for September 20.

Alexander Adamescu, the son of businessman Dan Adamescu, was arrested Monday evening in London. He is accused of giving and taking bribes. He was identified and caught by the London police. The measure was taken after the Romanian judges issued an arrest warrant on his behalf in absentia. The extradition proceedings would not last long, the sources say, given that the UK operates under common laws of EU member states, providing rapid procedures.

Alexander Adamescu was searched after under an arrest warrant in absentia. DNA prosecutors accuse the son of businessman Adamescu of evading investigation for years in the investigation in which he is charged with bribe taking.

DNA prosecutors claim that in spite of having tried with the support of the UK and with the support of the police in Monaco to get businessman Alexander Adamescu for hearings in the file started in his name since 2014, they have failed because he has evaded investigation.

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