Alexandria city hall spends EUR 13,000 for ‘sarmale’ to celebrate the Centenary


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The Alexandria City Hall, Teleorman County, spends no less than RON 60,000 on sarmale (meat rolled in cabbage leaves) to be served to local people during the December 1 events, Centennial celebrations.

In mid-November, the Alexandria City Hall has bought of catering services worth RON 60,000 for the celebrations scheduled to take place on December 1, reports.

The issue is that the transaction was made without auction and RON 60,000 (EUR 12,875) was paid to S.C. Stef’s Team Srl, which will deliver 5,000 food casseroles. Each casserole should contain 3 sarmale with pork meat with cabbage and smoked bacon, along with a white bun.

The price paid for each casserole is of about RON 12 (EUR 2.55).

The choice to conclude a direct transaction, without auction, with Stef’s Team Srl seems difficult to explain, given that the company – according to Finance Ministry figures – was registered in 2017 and has reported a turnover of only RON 76,250, with a profit amounting to… RON 1,115.

The City Hall has said that it will provide information on the issue only if requested in writing.

The local press in Teleorman speculated that this contract for sarmale on the Centenary was awarded on the basis of an older friendship between Mayor Victor Dragusin and Vili Bragadireanu, the founder of Stef’s Team Srl.

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