“All for Europe” – Thousands attend rally to mobilize for voting


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Thousands of people gathered in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on Sunday evening to attend the “All for Europe” meeting, an event aiming to mobilize citizens for voting, calling on them to go to polls on May 26 when EP elections and the referendum for justice are scheduled.

The rally, organized by Declic community, started at 6 p.m. and lasted for more then four hours.

The event has been staged in more cities in Romania and abroad at the same time, with actors, musicians and other personalities going on stage and asking people to get out to vote on May 26. During the rally, protesters sent a message to the European Union, forming a heart out of blue sheets of paper at the heart of Victoriei Square.

The meeting ended around 10 p.m., after at 9 p.m. people lit their mobiles’ flash lights and constantly chanted “PSD, the red plague”.

More similar actions took place in 49 cities in 13 European countries. In Romania, there have been simultaneous rallies in seven cities, while Romanians in Diaspora joined the action in Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, London, Paris or Zurich.

A concert took place on the rally’s occasion in Bucharest, with such bands as Vama, Omul cu Sobolani, Taxi and Emil performing. Sound Choir will sing the anthem of the European Union. All artists performed pro bono, according to a Declic press release.

Among the personalities attending the “All for Europe” meeting there were 102-year-old philosopher Mihai Sora, artist Tudor Chirila, actors Victor Rebengiuc, Marius Manole and Mihai Calin, journalist Moise Guran, or Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu from “Daruieste Viata” NGO that is building the first hospital for children with cancer exclusively from private funds and donations.

Mihai Sora urged people not to be lazy and go for voting. “We are Romanians and we are Europeans, at the same time and to the same extent. Let’s get out and voice our political opinions, we must go to the polls in order to prevent others from voting for us and to end up with other result than we want. Let’s not be lazy, meaning let’s not prefer convenience (…)”, Sora argued.

In his turn, octogenarian actor Victor Rebengiuc asked Romanians to to go to polls, to vote for the preferred candidates for EP.

“I benefited of the advantages of the latest GEO banning Uber and I came running walking here. You know what hard times we are living and what grim future is ahead us. It is one of the last times when we can prevent the disaster. So, as one of my last wishes, please, I kindly ask you to go to vote!“, Rebengiuc.

Actor Mihai Calin also believes it’s time people wake up and stop being indifferent. “People must understand that voting is not just a right, it’s a duty. We must tell people: wake up, if you are indifferent, you’ll be crushed. If people don’t take stand by voting we’ll be totally erase. Migration will go on“, Mihai Calin opined.

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