All ICUs in Romania to be checked, some revamped with EU funds, PM says

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All intensive care units in Romania will be checked, with a compliance plan to be drafted, PM Ludovic Orban said on Monday after a meeting with the Health Ministry representatives. The PM added that any repairing  or revamping works in the intensive care units will be included in this plan, with expenses to be covered from non-refundable European funds.

His statements come after the tragic fire in the intensive care unit of the County Hospital in Piatra Neamt, which claimed at least ten lives and left others with severe burns, including a physician on call that day.

“Following these check, there will be a compliance plan to be enforced by the hospital managers. Any repairing and modernization work, any procurement will be included in this plan. We discussed the possibility of covering these expenses from non-refundable European funds,” PM Orban said.

The prime minister also talked about hiring more medical staff and about increasing the treatment capacity by including new hospital on the list of COVID support units.

“The plan this week envisages the rise of the capacity by at least 200 beds,” the PM said, adding that the government will provide maintenance services for the syringe pumps and ventilators.

According to preliminary information, the fire at the ICU Neamt has broken out from a syringe pump.

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