Almost 47,000 Romanians entered the country by car on the border with Hungary

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Almost 47,000 Romanians have entered the country by car on the border check points with Hungary in the past days, after the authorities in Budapest had made a special humanitarian corridor to allow Romanians to cross the border to Romania.
According to the Strategic Communication Group, over 1,000 Romanians have been repatriated from various countries.

Overall, 46,800 Romanians have crossed the Hungarian border by car to return to the homeland since March 18 until Monday, March 23. They passed through the special corridors on the following customs: Cenad, Nădlac, Nădlac II, Borș, Vărșand.


  • 14 Romanian students who were in Czechia for an exchange programme came back in Bucharest on March 13;
  • 17 Romanian citizens who were in Italy when the total quarantine was announced for the entire Italian territory and when the flights to and from Italy were suspended returned to Romania on March 13 and March 14.
  • 22 Romanian citizens came back to Romania from Morocco during March 13-16;
  • 16 Romanian citizens on board the Costa Magica cruise ship returned to Romania on March 15;
  • 2 Romanians returned from Mongolia also on March 15 ;
  • 50 Romanian citizens from the Costa Fortuna cruise ship off the Singapore shore came back to Romania on March 11 and March 16;
  • 16 Romanians aboard Grand Princess cruise ship in the U.S. returned to the country on March 12 and March 16;
  •  170 Romanian citizens came back to Romania on March 17: 59 Romanians who had been blocked on the airport in Budapest; 23 from Morocco and 118 from Egypt;
  • Other 78 Romanians arrived in the country from Jordan on March 18;
  • Also on March 18, 46 Romanians returned from Egypt and 74 from Malta. The Foreign Ministry also granted financial support to 4 Romanians from Lithuania;
  • Other Romanians arrived back in the country in March 19: 90 from Barcelona by a special Blue Air flight, 101 from Lisbon also with a Blue Air flight, 47 peop0loe from Morocco with a special Renault Avivo flight, other 42 Romanian citizens from Morocco, 114 Romanians from Tenerife with a Blue Air flight.
  • On March 21, two flights have landed in Romania from Turin (private operator) carrying Romanian seasonal workers or citizens in special situations, overall 277 people.

More flights are scheduled from Italy to Romania this week.

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