An Italian confirmed with coronavirus visited Romania last week. None of those 13 people coming into contact with him tested positive for Covid-19

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A 71-year-old Italian man, who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, has recently visited Romania, February 18-22, where he visited his Romanian wife’s relatives and had several business meetings, according to the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

The Italian arrived in Craiova first, then he stayed in a locality in Gorj county.

According to MAE, the man landed on Craiova airport on February 18. He visited his mother-in-law in a locality in Gorj, where he also met other people.
The national authorities said they had activated the necessary actions in this cases, with an epidemiological investigation under way. Isolation or quarantine actions will be imposed if needed, MAE says.
The Italian’s mother-in-law and father-in-law have been placed on home isolation, while other two people who had met the Italian citizen went to the hospital by themselves.
However, the manager of “Matei Bals” Infectious Disease Institute, Adrian Streinu Cercel said the risk that the Italian had spread the virus while he was on Romania’s territory is low. “The incubation period is 14 days. He was indeed in Romania during the incubation period, but the risk to spread the disease then is low. The debut of the disease took place 48 hours after he had returned to Italy“, the doctor explained.


Dolj prefect said that the Italian had got in contact with at least 50 people during his visit in Romania and authorities are trying now to identify all these people.

The 71yo man, residing in Cattolica, Emilia Romagna region, has been diagnosed with Coronavirus and is currently hospitalised in Rimini, but his condition is not serious, the Italian media reported.

According to “Il Resto del Carlino”, the man went to the emergency room of the hospital of Cattolica, with symptoms of fever and coughing. He said he had just returned from Romania. The man was transferred to the “Infermi” hospital in Rimini, where he tested positive for Coronavirus.

According to Corriere di Bologna, the man is working in the hospitality sector.

None testes positive for Covid-19

The local health authorities have just announced that all those 13 people coming into contact with the Italian during his visit in Romania had tested negative for Coronavirus after testing. Other 19 people from Gorj are to be tested for Covid-19 in the coming period. The chief of the emergency situations department, Raed Arafat has announced that negotiations to purchase 10 thermo scanners for the airports (which identify people with fever) are under way.

What’s the situation in Romania? No coronavirus case confirmed, 26 people in quarantine, other 2,000 monitored at home

There is no confirmed Coronavirus in Romania so far. 26 people are in quarantine while other 2,077 are monitored at home, the local authorities announced today through “the Strategic Communication Group”. 32 test results are pending at “Matei Bals” Infectious Disease Institute in Bucharest, all originating from the people in the areas where the Italian citizen has been.

At the same time, on Tuesday authorities have opened two criminal files for “preventing disease control”, with 4 people investigating in these cases.

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