ANAF – Antena 1 and Antena 3 case. Protests of Antena group and of internet users on Friday. CNA to request meeting with ANAF

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The National Audiovisual Council (CNA) will send a letter to the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) to inform it about the CNA concern on the situation of the five TV stations belonging to Intact group, expected to be evicted from their premises and the possible negative developments, such as the risk of an interruption of broadcast.
CNA members took this decision in the meeting on Thursday, after talking to Sorin Alexandrescu, CEO of Antenna Group, Mihai Gadea, Director General of Antena 3, Mircea Badea and Adrian Ursu, TV producers.
They discussed the context in which, according to the ANAF notification on Monday, the five stations of Intact group – Antena 3, Antena 1, Antena Stars, Euforia TV and Zu TV – will remain on Friday without their offices.
According to the broadcasting legislation, the interruption of broadcast (for technical reasons) can be extended up to 90 days, after which the licenses are withdrawn.
Intact representatives said, however, that it takes about nine months to move the five TV stations to new premises (from where they can broadcast only after receiving the CNA endorsement), if they fail to sign lease agreements with the state for the current premises.
Thus, the CNA has decided to request a meeting with ANAF. “We call a meeting to see what solutions can be found. (…) by which the broadcast of the group is not affected,” said CNA Vice-president Razvan Popescu.

Protests on Friday

Friday promises a full day of protests: while Intact representatives have invited their fans to a protest they call ‘walk’, internet users request on social networks counter protests.
The first protest is to be organized by Antena 3, which would take place in Constitution Square, between 15: 00h-18: 30h, around 5,000 people are expected to attend.
Internet users have announced on Facebook that they would take to the streets to protest against parliamentarians at 18.00h. The protest would take place in Revolution Square in Bucharest. The event is called ‘Walk against corrupt and thieves MPs’, the organizers recall the ‘Black Wednesday’, when MPs have voted against Madalin Voicu’s arrest and PM Ciolos was called to give explanations in the Senate for the eviction of Intact TV stations.
The counter-demonstration to Antena 3 is announced for 19:00h. The event ‘Protest: Antena 3 is not above the law – Freedom of speech, not free to rob!’ It is scheduled for 19:00h at the University Square.
“Come join us Friday evening to ask for the legal eviction of TV stations of Antena group from the buildings they occupy against the law for one and a half years, to comply with court sentences and for a country where law enforcement is not at the mercy of the oligarchy.
When ANAF have to take money from ordinary citizens and to give it to the political class to be wasted and stolen, there’s no mercy; instead, when it comes to recovering even a hundredth of a percentage of what they stole, with incredible grace period of 18 months, the political class screamed ‘abuse’! Prime Minister Ciolos was given an ultimatum, as he was the only one who showed determination and verticality, they want to block the enforcement of the law, even blackmailing him with the censure motion,” the organizers announced.

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