ANAF – Antena 1 and Antena 3 case. PM Ciolos in parliament, claims he hasn’t been informed, and he shouldn’t have been informed

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Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș explained in Parliament on Wednesday that he hasn’t been informed about the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) actions, which has asked Antena 1 and Antena 3 TV stations to evacuate the building they work in, the Grivco group building being in the same situation, reports.
“I was not informed, nor was I supposed to be informed,” the premier said. He added that the five days deadline ANAF mentioned is only one required by law and that if it had not been observed, ANAF could have been charged with discrimination.
“ANAF acted according to its statutory powers as a body conducting actions to seize such goods. On February 8th it was decided to implement the final sentence. I was not informed of this decision, nor was I supposed to be informed, neither me nor the Minister of Finance, because ANAF has wide authority. Legal persons have the opportunity to appeal the decision in court and a judge will decide.
The owner of the goods is the Romanian state and it is the institutions’ duty to capitalise the property.
Representatives of the TV stations have made the accusation that the action on Monday was abusive due to the behaviour of ANAF representatives at the offices. I requested ANAF management an analysis of how they work for the citizens, because their work is important for the state, but their attitude should be one of respect for the citizens.
The deadline for voluntary evacuation is stipulated by the Civil Procedure Code, not by ANAF. It is five days, according to the law and is applicable to all legal persons for evacuation. There is no specific decision from ANAF, the laws have no different deadlines for television stations or for other activities. If it had not applied the term, ANAF could have been accused with discrimination,” said PM Dacian Cioloș.

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