Animals banned in Globus Circus shows

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Globus Circus is banned to use wild animals in circus shows, the Capital’s General Council decided. The decision comes after the tragic fire on January 12 when 11 wild animals died.

„Circus shows at Globus will not have acts with trained animals. This is not just an European trend, but also an international one, for the experts show that animlas used in circus shows are subject to abuses. Even if it might seem all very nice to spectators, animals are not treated as they should. We want to stop this situation, as well. As I said, there are circus shows worldwide, for instance Circ de Soleil that has spectacular acts, but without animlas,” Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea said.

After the fire at Globus Circus, over 60,000 people signed a petition asking for the ban against exploiting wild animals in circuses.

Soon after, the Bucharest city hall informed they are working on a draft that woud ban the use of wild animals in Bucharest circuses.

However, a similar draft law already exists in Parliament. It was initiated by former MP Remus Cernea in 2015 but it has been vetoed in the Senate and is currently pending at the Chamber of Deputies.

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