ANM: Rain returns, weather will be capricious by end of July

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Meteorologists say that rain will return, as of Wednesday, with average temperatures meeting the normal level for this time of the year. However, the weather will be capricious until the end of the month.

“As of Wednesday rain will return in many regions. On Tuesday it will rain in southern, south-eastern areas, but as of Wednesday the areas will be larger with important quantities of water expected. Temperatures will be within the normal framework, of 30-31 degrees Celsius. In northern and central regions will have cloudy skies with temperatures of 22-24C,” meteorologist Alina Serban said.

The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) informs that rainy days will be registered until the end of the month.

Alina Serban says that, for the time being, weather forecasts say no heat wave is expected.




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