Another #rezist protest set for Sunday in Bucharest: ‘Stop game. In democracy, the corrupt are in jail’

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The protesters are getting mobilized again on social networks, on Sunday they will reunite and to show discontent with the government and the parliament.

This time, the meeting point is the Parliament Palace at 18.00h, the Facebook page dedicated to the event titled ‘Stop game. In Democracy, the corrupt are in prison’ informs.

“Why? GEO 13 returns through a parliamentary path. PSD plans to pardon corruption deeds. This is the essence of the amendments proposed by PSD Senator Serban Nicolae. (…) The corrupt should be in jail, and if the conditions are not decent, then the conditions should be fixed for all the people who are in prison,” say the protest initiators, inviting all those interested to spread the information about the event and to participate to it with their friends.

Other reasons put organising the protests are the announcement made by Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu on the doubling of salaries, the Emergency Ordinance 9, which ‘will allow mayors to spend money that do not yet exist’ and who will be paid by our children, while “Romania will go bankrupt”, GEO 79 – which stops depoliticizing the hospitals and GEO 51/2016, which could be rejected by Parliament, which would mean the resumption of illegal logging.


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