ANSVSA: African swine fever has spread to 98 localities in 8 counties. 61,594 pigs slaughtered


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The African swine fever has spread to 98 localities in eight counties, with a total of 545 outbreaks confirmed, but in the south-eastern part of the country the evolution of the disease is extremely aggressive, according to the information released on Friday by the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA).

Up to this date, 61,594 pigs from the farms and households have been slaughtered, and the compensations granted so far totalled RON 148,140.

“From the date of confirmation of the presence of the African swine fever in our country, for the first time, on July 31, 2017, in Satu-Mare County, it is noticed that in the northern part of Romania the disease is evolving slowly, it is even stationary, being confirmed in 14 localities in Satu-Mare, Sălaj and Bihor counties. 13 wild boars were killed and 175 domestic swine were slaughtered. In south-eastern ​​Romania the evolution of the disease is aggressive, the disease was confirmed in 84 localities in the counties of Tulcea, Constanta, Braila, Ialomita and Galati. 11,772 domestic pigs from households and 49,647 pigs from three breeding farms have been slaughtered until August 2, 2018. The slaughter in two commercial farms (owned by Carniprod) was completed and the first disinfection was carried out and in the third farm (Pigcom in Tulcea County) the slaughtering has commenced. 20 wild boars were also affected,” the ANSVSA release reads.

The Authority asks for the support and understanding of citizens to comply with these measures, given the severity of the disease and the serious economic consequences.

As regards the compensations, 56 files have been paid at national level by August 2, 2018, amounting to RON 148,140 and another 428 files, amounting to RON 2,065 million, are due to be paid .

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