Anti-PSD messages on the fields: We see you!


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The idea of writing anti-PSD messages on the fields is spreading fast. After the recent case around the Internet, several anti-PSD protesters went to the field with banners against the ruling party and ploughed the message “We see you.” It has happened in Cluj County.

A few days before, an obscene message directed against the PSD was also written on a field in Cluj County and has become viral on the Internet, reports.

The two protesters who wrote on a hill in Cluj County the message discussed with the policemen in Apahida on Sunday, and concluded that the message remains written until the land is worked and the crop is harvested.

Sorin Bobis said on Sunday, regarding the first message, reading ‘PSD sucks…’ that he has explained it to the police. “It was a civilized discussion, and the head of the Apahida Police precinct wanted to meet us and to find out why we wrote what we wrote. He asked us if we wanted to write a statement, we refused, the conversation had no consequences, it was not the question of being fined. They were disturbed only for the obscene word used and I explained that it was not a triviality addressed to someone, but it was a protest message that I took from the Romanians coming from abroad, nothing else. The message will remain on the hill as long as we do not work the land, but when we start working it, in a week or two, then the message will disappear,” Bobis said.

Sorin Bobis organized the ‘March of Hope’ from Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest on January 10 as a protest against the amendments to the laws of justice, and on June 21 he initiated a non-stop protest in Unirii Square in Cluj, with 11 tents.

The message on the field initially put the local police on fire.

According to Cluj police officers, the police actions had a preventive purpose “because the deed could fall within the category of offenses provided by Law 61/1991 on sanctioning the deeds of violation of social cohabitation norms, of order and public peace.”

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