Anti-PSD plates’ case – Police chief says driver’s gesture is immoral. Police spokesman: Seek help from priests and relatives!

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The head of the Romanian Police acknowledges that the driver with anti-PSD plates has entered the country legally. However, his gesture is immoral, Quaestor Ioan Buda said on Wednesday. He said the man was sanctioned for other reasons, not because the registration numbers did not contain any figures.

The Vienna Convention came into force in Romania, says Ioan Buda, so in our country cars that have registration plates consisting only of letters can be driven. Asked why driver Răzvan Ştefănescu was sanctioned, the head of the Romanian Police replied that these measures taken by the police came after the complaints received from the citizens. Following this information, police officers requested information from the Swedish authorities, reports.

“When he entered the country, he legally entered in terms of registration plates. From my point of view, it was unlawful, immoral, because of the vulgar message of the personalized plates. He had all the travel documents, the documents for the means of transport and has entered the country legally. After entering the country, two or three days later, a problem appeared: there was a car in traffic in Romania with plates with that dirty phrase. We took steps to identify him and talked through the police communication channels. We received a reply from the Swedish authorities informing us that the license plates are valid only on the territory of the Sweden,” Ioan Buda said.

Police have begged for 5-star reviews. Spokesperson tells haters to ask for help from priests and relatives

Following the scandal related to the seizure of the vehicle plates registered in Sweden, the Romanian Police Facebook page dramatically decreased in appreciations following 1-star reviews given by the Romanians in the past days.

Ovidiu Munteanu, the spokesperson of the Traffic Police, has posted on Facebook a message for that those who have given only one star on the Romanian Police page: to stop calling the Police when they are in need.

“To all those who offended and hate the Romanian Police, I ask them that next time you are in trouble, call anyone else, not the Police. When your goods are stolen, when you are being aggressed on the street, when someone cheats you, in case of road accidents, when you or others need the Police support, please call your neighbours, priest, relatives, but not the Police,” spokesman Munteanu wrote on the Romanian Police Facebook page.

Traffic Brigade says will serve the citizens

The Traffic Brigade has delimited from Munteanu’s message and assures that it will remain in the service of citizens, regardless of the situation.

“Regarding the message posted on the Romanian Police Facebook page by our colleague Ovidiu Munteanu, we inform you that the Traffic Brigade does not support the message, the message is strictly personal. The Traffic Brigade assures you it will serve the citizens, regardless of the situation,” the Traffic Brigade says.

In addition, the wave of negative messages and reviews on Facebook made the site’s administrators try to get five-star reviews, as commissioner Traian Berbeceanu has revealed on Facebook. He posted a photo with a screen capture of a message sent by the Romanian Police, informs.

“Hello, I have a request, can you go to the official Facebook page of the Romanian Police for reviews and grant us five stars? Thank you very much,” the message reads.

Răzvan Ștefănescu, the driver from Sweden with anti-PSD plates, said on Tuesday, while at the Traffic Police offices, that he will file a criminal complaint because his son had to attend the hearings, which lasted several hours.

Eva Isaksen, spokesperson for the Transport Agency in Sweden stated on Tuesday that the registration plates with an anti-PSD message will be revoked on Wednesday by the Swedish authorities.

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the car registered in Sweden with personalized plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), had his driving license suspended and the license plates confiscated by the Romanian Police on Monday.


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